Client Testimonials



“I am eternally grateful for Elizabeth. She is a constant support, provides a solid sounding board and has great insight into the human condition. She has literally saved my life.”



“Elizabeth met us when we were contemplating divorce. We had been to other therapists and had been trying to save our marriage for what seemed like an eternity. It wasn't until we started to work with Elizabeth that we could see the patterns we were repeating and the ways we were preventing the connection we both desired. She is certainly not a passive therapist and she definitely shared things that sometimes were painful to hear, but somehow she said them in ways that made us both feel supported and valued. In the end, our marriage survived and we are sharing the life we imagined we would have. Elizabeth Miller was exactly the person we needed to see.”

—a couple married for 12 years


“Elizabeth’s compassion and empathy for her patients is profound. I have been blessed to work with her for several years and she always provides a safe space for processing and growth. She is a blessing to all of us under her care.”



“I was told by my ex-wife I was a narcissist and found Elizabeth through a friend. With her counsel, I was able to learn that although I had behaviors that were often self-centered, I did not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Elizabeth had great insight, knowledge and understanding and helped me through a really tough time of life. I highly recommend her services.”




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